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Wagyu Hanger Steak

Wagyu Hanger Steak

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The classic Hanger Steak is one of the best kept secrets among butchers and steak lovers because it comes from the lower belly of a cow and is well-marbled and surprisingly tender when cooked properly. It is extremely flavorful with a more coarse texture. This a common choice for the famous French dish, "Steak Frites."



The Hanger does exceptionally well with acidic marinades the help to tenderize it. This cut of steak is best for cooking over high heat for a short period of time - just be careful with this cut as it can be sensitive to overcooking. Think grilling and broiling. And, always slice this across the grain.


Alternative Names

Butcher's Steak


Additional Info

This item ships frozen for freshness and food safety. We recommend storing it in your freezer and then thawing it overnight in your refrigerator before preparation for the best and safest results.

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