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Wagyu Flat Iron

Wagyu Flat Iron

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The Flat Iron is an extremely tender, well-marbled and flavorful cut that is enhanced in both taste and texture by the Wagyu fat. it is a longer and more flat cut of beef from the shoulder that has a great "beefy" flavor. It's nearly as tender as a tenderloin, but significantly less expensive - making it a great option.

It's often confused with the Flank Steak, but the Flat Iron comes from a different part of the cow and has more marbling than the Flank Steak. You can easily replace other similar "long" cuts (Skirt, Flank, etc.) with Flat Iron for an extra oomph of flavor and richness.



It is most commonly grilled, the Flat Iron does well with marinating, too. Grill it or braise it for fajitas or other Mexican favorites. RANGE recommends cooking to a medium rare (internal temp of 135º),


Alternative Names

Top Blade Steak, Top Blade Filet, Book Steak, Butler Steak, Boneless Top Chuck, Shoulder Top Blade Steak


Additional Info

This item ships frozen for freshness and food safety. We recommend storing it in your freezer and then thawing it overnight in your refrigerator before preparation for the best and safest results.

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